Access DAO Querie --> Excel fast

Access DAO Querie --> Excel fast

Post by Kjel » Wed, 22 Jan 2003 00:28:40


In Access a querie can very quickly be exported to Excel
for example, How can I do this in DAO with VB6 ??

I'm using Access97 for the moment but planning to move
over to Access2K, and I assume they can do the same thing
in the same way.



1. Problem Access->Excel->Access

first try...

Hi I'm having a smaller :-(( problem with my MS Access dB.

Im writing a reliability performance follow-up database
for a customer. The database collect performance data
from field use and calculates peformance values on a report.

The problem is best described by an example.

1.The calculated performance data is stored in a single table.
2.The table is exported (by code) to MS Excel.
3.In Excel the data makes four predefined 'quite advanced' graphs.
4.The graphs are then transferd back to a report in Access as

All communication between Access and Excel is hided for the user.

I think that it is step four that isn't working properly, because
when I'm opening the report in my Access application it works fine the
five or six times. But suddenly, when I'm open the report, something
The program freaks out and I'm getting error messages something like
-VBA libraries not..... and Timer not installed etc.
Sometimes it works again if I restart windows but mostly I have to
reinstall the
reg-files and even reboot.?????? Very user friendly, don't you think !


This is the only thing left to do with the application before delivery.

Do you have any ideas or experience in this type of errors don't
to answer. I will be very grateful for any kind of help.
One alternative will be to only perform 1..3 and print out the report
Excel but that is to let MS Access win :-(.

Niklas Barkman

Enator Communications AB, Sweden

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