Huge MDB using OLE images?

Huge MDB using OLE images?

Post by Jerry Boon » Wed, 10 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I designed a simple access97 db that uses a simple ole field in which I
embed a jpg image (53k from the digital camera).  To my astonishment, my mdb
grows approx 2mb for each picture I place in a record!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not user/developer error.  If anyone knows how to reduce this growth
(the blob), please let me in on it!


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The documentation I have does not seem to cover this.

The jet database contains and OLE field with images. I need to show these in
a form that uses coded database statements instead of a data control with
bound objects. I know this works with the data control. What method can be
used to update the OLE container when the record changes without using a
data control???

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