HELP!!! PLEASE!!! Userdoc dillema

HELP!!! PLEASE!!! Userdoc dillema

Post by Joshua Hear » Wed, 13 Jun 2001 02:06:39

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Quote:> The project starts with an HTML page being opened.
> The page contains a link to some JavaScript which opens a userdoc
> (frmSplashMVS.vbd).
> The userdoc connects to our data on MVS and then maneuveres to another
> page with frames.
> Each frame is another userdoc.
> The app is developed in VB6 Enterprise SP3 under NT 4 SP6.
> At the present time, we compile to an Active X DLL.
> The problem is that we have to compile on each of our 4 servers in the
> WinFrame farm.
> To make the process less time intensive, we would like to compile to an
> Active X EXE format.
> That way we can simply copy the new version to the other servers and save
> time umung other things.

> I have experimented with this configuration and have come up with the
> following:
> If I run the app through my VB6 IDE, I can run it with no problem.
> If however I compile it to the EXE the following happens:

> I open the initial HTML page.
> Click the logon link and the (frmSplashMVS.vbd) page opens propperly.
> It goes through it's connection cycle and then navigates to the new HTML
> page.
> At this point there are 4 seperate vbd files to be loaded, one for each
> frame in the HTML page.
> None of the frames load their vbd files though.
> I am in fact presented with 4 "file download" dialog boxes.
> It's almost as if the EXE file did not propperly serve the vbd files.

> Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

> Thanks
> C