Q: Printing Graphs in Landscape

Q: Printing Graphs in Landscape

Post by Gordon T. Smi » Sat, 14 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone managed to print out a grpah in landscape using the
standard Graph component that comes with VB4?  Whenever I try this,
it always reverts back to portrait.



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A colleague has the following problem:

We are having trouble with the orientation switch in Progress. We
don't want to use our own escape sequences for each printer to change
from landscape to portrait because Windows has all the information for
us available, for example Microsoft Word has no problems with the

The question is whether it is possible to change the orientation
between two pages in the same printerjob. For example: printing header
information of a customer in portrait and within the same print some
statistics in landscape orientation. Between those two events we want
to call some sort of DLL which performs the orientation change after a
page break. The Progress standard DLL only changes font and font-size
by the fontnumber of Progress; it can't perform a change of

Hints anyone?


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