IBLOCAL: Cannot transliterate char between character sets!

IBLOCAL: Cannot transliterate char between character sets!

Post by Thomas KIRCHT » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Could anybody please tell me how to use special characters in IB Tables?
I tried using iso8859_1 (collate de_de), dos850 and none (That's ANSI I
suppose) but
whenever I use german Umlauts in the table (Inserted with Interactive SQL)
Delphi tells me "Cannot transliterate character between character sets".
Even stranger results with DB explorer. I can enter records with umlauts
and the status line tells me the correct number of records, but I can't
see them anymore (the result sets are empty). In ISQL they are still visible.
Delphi can't even open the table (with above error).
I used to think that's what iso8859_1 was there for ?

Thanks for any hints


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1. char, nchar and unichar, default character set and unicode - utf-8 and utf-16

Hi all,

Based on what I saw from Sybase manual/documants, char is one byte
long and can only store English; nchar is multi-bytes and can store
other languages, for example, Asian Language; unichar is for UTF-16
encoding of Unicode, always use 2-bytes for a character. For using
unichar, the default character set must be UTF-8. For using nchar to
represent Asian language, we must choose the proper character set as

However, when I try to test inserting/selecting foreign language with
default character set of iso_1(character set ID=1), I got correct
result, no funny character. Here is what I did:

1. the default character set on ASE is iso_1
2. the client is windows2000, which support multiply language.
3. create a table with two column, one is char, another is nchar.
4. insert into the table with asian language for both columns.
5. select them to display on client machine.

My questions are

1. Why can I insert and display Asian language with char and nchar but
default character set is iso_1?

still one byte, because default character set is iso_1. If I choose
another character set, is there any difference between char and nchar?

Thank you in advance.


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