Multiuser App using Paradox Tables

Multiuser App using Paradox Tables

Post by Stuart Clennet » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Dear 'group.

Record Locking over small(ish) LAN.  How can I allow first user to open
record for editing and subsequent users allow only browse access?

Any help much appreciated (new at Multiuser database programming I'm




1. MultiUser Delphi App Using Paradox - Help !

        I have written a multi user commercial application in Delphi and in
testing was bemused by the way that Paradox tables and Delphi seem to
co-operate.  The scenario is that I have a simple Paradox table, the
shared data being accessed is on a Netware LAN where all users have
full access rights, users are mapped to the data area ( which is also
doubling as the NET DIR ) using exactly the same drive letter and
directory path ( as required by IDAPI ).  All appears to work OK
except that when a user updates a table using a TTable.Post, the
change to the database does not appear to be physically commited to
disk ( on the server ) until the TTable.Close is called.  I have
tested this out stand-alone, accessing a hard disk and the date and
time stamp of the database file is unchanged until the database is

        The bottom line is the the record doesnt appear to be committed until
the database is closed !  This obviously cant be right and I must be
doing something extremely simple wrong.  Does anybody have any ideas ?
Any help would be very much appreciated.


Tom Conway
Technical Manager
Kestral Computing - Perth, Western Australia.

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