How to add records to DBase3 file

How to add records to DBase3 file

Post by Keith Eckhard » Sun, 30 Sep 2001 00:00:32

I have defined a Dbase3 file with no records in it.  I want to write 124,000
records to it from Visual Basic 6.  The VB help text might as well be called
the nohelp text.

I have four fields to populate.  Anyone got a minute to tell me how to


Placerville, CA, USA


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I have a 40000 name mailing list with many duplicates in it. on dbase 3.
I need to kill the duplicates while leaving the original copy of it.
Is there a way on dbase3 to do this?
I just started working with it and do not know it that well.
Please leave mail ,any and lall info will be appreciated.

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