Creating an MDB file with ADO

Creating an MDB file with ADO

Post by Dov » Mon, 07 Feb 2000 04:00:00


How can I create an MDB File with ADO? With DAO it was done by
CreateDatabase, but I can not find it in ADO.

Thanks, Dov


1. Zipping the mdb file in VB Coding while creating a new mdb file


I use createdatabase command to take back up of the database and or to
import and export records.

this can be done on the floppy also.

so I need to zip the file in the code and then copy it to multiple floppies.
this is while exporting or taking a backup.

I shoule be able to unzip and take the data from multiple floppies to
import/ or restore from my last backup.

How do i do this.

Pl help. urgent

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