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WinFax Pro

Post by Dan Len » Thu, 06 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I purchased WinFax Pro because I saw articles that mentioned
that it had a good DDE interface.  But upon purchasing it, most
of the documentation concerning DDE uses macros for Word.  I am
looking for 'real' examples of how to utilize DDE with WinFax Pro
and a Visual Basic program, and would appreciate any feedback.

Another topic that I am confused about is if I use the print object
can I build a print image and use DDE to send image to WinFax Pro?


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I'm not aware of any defacto standard, although I agree that it would be great
to have many programs be able to read from and write to a common database.  The
problem seems to lie in the extremely varied possibilities of a database.  I've
designed a few FMP solutions that just use Filemaker to do all that from
Filemaker.  A contact manager can be made to send e-mail, fax, print
letterhead, etc., by using script steps and helper apps like outlook and
Winfax.  Outside of that, there's not too much I can suggest!

John McKay


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