q:Crystal reports multiple heading sections in one report

q:Crystal reports multiple heading sections in one report

Post by Peter Antypa » Thu, 16 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>I am trying to have multiple headings for my report that is a customised
>cross tab report. I am able to get the data that I need on the top half and
>the bottom half but I am not able to have heading unique to those sections.
>I tried to move the heading from the Page header to the sections but it was
>of no help.

Try this:

  Create a dummy formula in Crystal, and after pasting it on the output,
delete it. The formula still remains stored and can accept values. Then,
make the formula take a value depending on which section of the detail
output you are. For instance, if the key field to separate the two
sections (a grouping I assume) is smthg like {Customer.State} then set
your formula as

   if {Customer.State} = 'MO' then 'Top' else 'Bottom'

Then, make all headings be formulas instead of plain strings, and include
a condition to test your dummy formula:

This may not be the greatest example, but that's all I could come up with
at this time of the day. I hope you got the basic idea behind conditional
formulas. Not the most elegant thing in the world, I agree.

Good Luck



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