ADO Output Parameters From SQL 7

ADO Output Parameters From SQL 7

Post by hgsd » Wed, 14 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Does any one know how to get output parameters out of SQL 7 using ADO
The MSDN Help says that output parameters will NOT be reported if you use the
adParameterOuput parameter direction.

Any suggestions...


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Howdy... I'm an ASP developer who is just starting to delve deeper into SQL
(SQL Server 7).  I'm writing up a wrapper function in ASP using ADO for an
SS7 stored procedure..... apparently ADO makes the distinction between an


    CREATE PROCEDURE bPackageExists (

    AS  .....


Does anybody know how to create a 'pure' output parameter -- one that can't
possibly take an inital value?  Thanks in advance....

-=Tek Boy=-

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