How can I create TFields on the form by component

How can I create TFields on the form by component

Post by Mcmanama » Sun, 02 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Dear world wide delphi developer,              
  How can I create TFields on the form by component, Just like TTable's
field editor.
for example,
  MyComponent = class(TComponent)
       constructor Create;

    constructor Create;
        { If I want create TFields in here, WHAT CAN I DO ??????? }


1. HELP!!: Creating TField component at run-time.

Help!   I am trying to write a .DLL that includes some database
functions.  I have 2 functions (units) now that run when associated
with a form and i can use the fields editor to create the TField
components.  But I dont want to show a form, I want this to be just a

I have been successful in creating the TTable component at run time
and accessing the fields via TABLE.FIELDS[x].  but I need a way to
create the TField components at run-time so that i can access the
fields by name rather than by column position.  I have tried the

   TC_FieldName := TStringField.Create(nil);

This compiles, but then does not access the field in the table TC.
Then I added the following:

   TC_FieldName.DataSet := TC;
   TC_FieldName.FieldName := 'FIELD NAME';

This still compiled, but I still couldnt access the field in TC.
I tried changing the Create line to the following:

   TC_FieldName := TStringField.Create(TC);

Still compiled, but caused a GPF.

Im not even sure that this component needs to be "created" in this
manner since the online help is NON-EXISTENT for dynamically creating
TField objects!

Please tell me what Im doing wrong!!!

Thanks in advance.

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