Oracle 16bit ODBC driver

Oracle 16bit ODBC driver

Post by Grevill » Fri, 21 May 1999 04:00:00

Does anybody know where I can get an update or patch for the Windows 16bit
Oracle ODBC driver?
I'm trying to fix an old 16-bit VC1.5 prog. thats having problems adding
loads of records to the database. After working for a while, the
Recordset.Open() hangs. Has anyone else had this?

1. Oracle 16bit ODBC driver on NT4 problem


I am using Oracles 16bit ODBC driver (version 2.05.0301, the newest I
could find) to connect a 16bit Delphi app to Oracle 7.3 on NT4.0 (on the
same machine). This connection is incredibly slow, more than 10 times
slower than the 32bit ODBC driver. The problem exists independently from
Delphi, I have it also when I test the connection with Oracles ODBC Test
Does anybody have a solution for that?
(By the way, I tested the same configuration with a demo version of
Oracle8, which works OK.)

Thanks in advance for your help,


Paul Meurer
The Norwegian Term Bank /
Humanities Information Technology Research Programme
Allgaten. 27
5007 Bergen, Norway
telefax:    +47 55 58 97 85
telephone:  +47 55 58 97 94

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