speeding up loading lists from dbase IV file

speeding up loading lists from dbase IV file

Post by brad koce » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have to read a 6 fields into 6 listboxes for searches. No updating of
the database is needed. I am reading a dbase IV file. I've tried sql
sql="SELECT [field1],[field2],[field3]...FROM database Where

set rs.openrecordset(sql,...)

or data control to list boxes, but I always end up doing the ol':
while not rs.eof
        if not isnull(rs![field])
                lstSomething.additem rs![field]
        end if
wend 'if I live that long

When I set up a data control and use DBList box, it autofills quickly,
but does not support looping thru the list. Is there a way to get a
listbox to autofill? I can live with searching in memory-got lots of


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Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Todd Owers

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