MSCOMM ActiveX / TTY sample

MSCOMM ActiveX / TTY sample

Post by Gerry Howlet » Wed, 30 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I'm developing an app in VC++ 5.0 / MFC in Win95 (for later deployment in
NTWorkstation 4.0) with an Access 97 database.  All of this will be running
on a network served by an NT 4.0 server.

The TTY sample app is about 90% of what I want the app to do, but I need for
it to append the data to a table in an Access database.  I don't know how to
approach this without ClassWizard help.  The TTY sample does not use MFC.
Can I retrofit DAO support into the sample code?

Alternatively, I've tried writing the app from scratch (with the help of the
App wizard), using the MSCOMM ActiveX component.  But with that approach, I
can't seem to find the OnComm event after I add the MSComm control to my
dialog.  I suspect that I've probably created the app incorrectly in
AppWizard, but I don't have enough experience with MFC/VC++ to know.

Help with either approach is much appreciated.  Or if you know where I can
get a ready-made solution, please email me directly at

App function:
Opens the Com port automatically as soon as the app opens
Waits for data in the Com port buffer
Stores each byte of information received into an Access table:
        receive date/time    (assigned automatically by Access as NOW())
        receiver-id    (network userid or computer station id, Character 4)
        actual data    (a single byte - character)
        status code    (a single byte)
Ability to browse the table of received data


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