Help! UpdateRecord SQL

Help! UpdateRecord SQL

Post by Yang Seung Ko » Thu, 23 Jan 1997 04:00:00

 I Used Updated SQL And
Added Parameter to Modify SQL Like this
SET salary = :salary, changed = :date_changed
where empno = :old_empno

date_changed is not a field in data set

In Runtime Delphi Complain like this "Field 'date_changed' Not Found"
Why ??
Please Give your advice


1. Help with Updaterecord method warning


I am using a query to combine several tables in a database to
populate a data control. Several VB controls are bound to this data
control. These tables are linked through referential integrity.
I am using the following to allow the user to make changes which
works fine except for one case.

Data.updaterecord :Data.refresh

When I update the Primary Key field, I get the following warning. This
is linked to the highest table.

Object doesn's support this property or method

After clicking OK the operation still works. I know it has do with
the integrity checking. I have tried several things with out any luck.
Can someone tell me how to avoid this problem?

If I allow the fields to updated automatically after a repostion this
does not occur.

Thanks in advance,

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