remote access over 33.6 to access 97 database

remote access over 33.6 to access 97 database

Post by will richmon » Sat, 25 Jul 1998 04:00:00

waht are the size limitations before the database is "unuseable over RAS?

i get error when trying to ras into an access database.

has anyone ever sucessfully accomplished this?

thanks, will


1. importing data from Access 97 databases in remote sites

I am new to SQL server and I am hoping that it will allow me to import
  data from Access97 databases located in 6 different places in the county.
  When the project is running full blast those Access databases will be
  generating 4-5 million records weekly so I will also have to be deleting
  the data after I have verified that it has transferred correctly so that the
  Access databases don't get too large. The Access databases are located
  on NT4 computers connected to the SQL server over T1 lines running
  TCP/IP. What would be the best procedure (and command) to import
  the data? Is there a way to delete the data on the remote servers? And
  finally, can I automate this whole process to happen weekly?

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