Row and column totals in Apex DBGrid 6 Pro

Row and column totals in Apex DBGrid 6 Pro

Post by Paul Fis » Fri, 23 Jun 2000 04:00:00

What are my options to total a set of fields in a  row?
What are my options to total a column in a recordset. (Always a may of 10

I have a dbgrid acting as a spreadsheet that I need to total horizontally
and vertically.
I could put text boxes outside of the grid and total them based on a query
when the grid changes but I was looking for somethig a little easier.
It would be nice to have the totals display inside the grid.

Paul Fisk
Calgary Alberta Canada


1. Apex DBGrid Column and Columns Collecion (??aarrgghh??)


I'm desparately trying to get an App to build a DBGrid and then
populate this with data via SQL and a Data Control.
The gris starts with only 1 column, and new columns are added
depending on the SQL request, and I build the Grid then send a
Data1.Refresh to get the new data.
This is all very well, my problem however is that I'm trying to access
the Methods and Properties of each Column in the DBGrid's Columns
collection....AND I CAN'T MANAGE IT!!!
What I keep getting is the run-time error 'Object does not have this
Property or Method' or something very similar. I have tried almost
everything I can think of, like:

        grdX.Columns(colno).DataField = ....
        grdX.Columns(colno)!DataField = ....
        grdX.Columns(colno).Column.DataField = ....
        grdX.Columns(colno).Column!DataField = ....

and numerous varioations of the same. I just keep getting the same
run-time error. Am I being silly? It's getting to the
smack-your-head-against-the-screen time!!! :)


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