Printing Access reports from visual basic 5.0 pro

Printing Access reports from visual basic 5.0 pro

Post by L.F.Mo » Wed, 28 Oct 1998 04:00:00

How can I print a Access report from my visual basic application ?

Thanks in advance for answering.


Printing Access reports from visual basic 5.0 pro

Post by Rob Cachi » Wed, 28 Oct 1998 04:00:00

As I see it you have two options.

If you want to distribute the report and the applications to machines that
don't have access installed you have  to use a 3rd part control sell something called  VSReports which is an active X
control that allows you to print access reports.

Option B (Which will only work if access is installed on every machine your
application is to go on)  is to imbed the access report generator /printer
into your application using OLE.

I personally have not done this but look in the knowledgebase in the
microsoft site for examples.

Hope this helps


>How can I print a Access report from my visual basic application ?

>Thanks in advance for answering.


1. Visual Basic 5.0 Pro w/ Access 95


I am trying to write a generic application in VB which can access an Access
95 database.  I am able to do this ok using the Jet and hard coding the
database location (e.g. C:\db\etc...).  However, what I would like to do is
soft code the database location and make it changeable in one place; that
way, I can take advantage of bound controls but not commit the application
to one place to find the database.

My question is can VB5.0 Professional do this?  In reading I find I have
ODBCDirect capabilities but I am not quite sure what this means.  Can I set
up an ODBC32 database and use the DSN name and still use bound controls?  I
tried this but was not able to get the database to connect properly.

Another question: are there any disadvantages to using VB5 as a GUI for an
Access95 database?  The reason I would like to code the GUI in VB5 is
because we are upgrading shortly to SQL Server and I would like to be able
to quickly migrate our applications.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Bill Grant

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