DAO and Jet Engine

DAO and Jet Engine

Post by Luang.. » Wed, 19 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Can somebody tell me what is the difference between the 2?  I always
thought that they are the same thing but when I install Jet Engine 3.5
on my system, I did not see a DAO 3.5 as a reference in my VB 4.0.



1. Unable to initilalize DAO/Jet db engine

I trying to open a recordset using the following code:

CDaoRecordset record;
record.m_pDatabase = database;
// database is a pointer to a database
Query = "SELECT ID FROM table WHERE name = 'value'";

I get the following error:
Unable to initilalize DAO/Jet db engine

What Am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Jan Snelders

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