not visible text box not updating database

not visible text box not updating database

Post by Dale Mille » Sun, 11 Mar 2001 02:25:17

I have a text box which is bound to a field in an Access 2000 database.  I'm
using VB6.  If I set the "visible" property  on this text box to FALSE, and
simply update the TextField.Text value via code ... it never updates the

If I change the visible property to TRUE, AND make my updates directly in
the text box, it updates perfectly.  I do not want to have this field
visible on my form.  Is there a way I can update this field (along with all
the other fields the user may change) in the Access database.

Thanks in advance.



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I have a VB 6.0 text box that is bound to a field in SQL Server 7.0 table.
This text box is disabled and the user click on a button next to it which
displays a window,  the user selects a value from this window which updates
that bound text box with the new value the user selected.  When I execute
the update method for the ADO data control the new change is lost but if I
enable the text box and change the value in the text box via the keyboard
and then execute the update method then the new values are recorded.  Any

I would appreciate if anybody can reply to me by e-mail as well

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