Field entry Save lost with form terminate

Field entry Save lost with form terminate

Post by Rob Walle » Wed, 01 Dec 1999 04:00:00

In an entry dialog (form) in my SDI app I have a text control that
writes/saves the value in the text control's validate event. The problem is:
when the user leaves the focus on the entry text field and closes the form
using the forms built in terminate button (small x at top right hand corner
of screen) the validate event doesn't occur causing the application to lose
the entry field value.

Has anyone been through this problem or know of a solution? Thanks in
advance for any replies



1. Coping Master table field entry to Detail table field entry

I have a law enforcement evidence tracking application which is made up of
a Master table (where the suspect personal address, citation number, etc.
information is entered) and then a detail table (where the seized equipment
articles are entered).

I use a citation number (L-01111) as the primary key field to link the two.
 When I arrive at the detail table to enter the numerous items I manually
enter the same citation number from the Master table (while adding a 001)
incrementally to each additional item (example - L-0111-001 as the first
item, then L-0111-002 as the second, and so on.  These become evidence tag
numbers for inventory purposes).

Is there a way to have the detail table copy the citation number
automatically from the Master table  "CitNo#"  field down into the detail
table "CitNo#"  field, and additionally add (if possible) the needed "-001"
behind that number?   The problem is I have officers put evidence tag
numbers of all descriptions in this field of the detail table and I'd like
to control that and have the application automatically enter the needed
sequence without need for officer entry in this field.

Thanks for any help you could spare me with this problem.

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