Got &squot;dem ODBC blues (HELP WANTED)

Got &squot;dem ODBC blues (HELP WANTED)

Post by (R. Politis » Fri, 10 Nov 1995 04:00:00

>Sounds Good Bob. But my users use Access. I cannot change that now. and I get ODBC Jet error -3030, not when connecting, not when reading tables or rows, not when adding records, only when trying to modify MS Access 2.0 records, using Office ODBC 2.0


1. Got 'dem ODBC blues (HELP WANTED)

I've been trying my best to learn ODBC at the same time as I'm getting used to
Delphi, and it seems to me that their relationship is tenuous at best.  I'll be
the first to admit that I'm almost -- but not quite entirely -- ignorant of the
limitless joys of ODBC, but my attempts at getting it to work have gone from the
uninspiring to the pathetic.  Usually, I'm to blame for this...

Okay, down to the details.  I want to use Delphi to query/update an Access data-
base (who doesn't?), and after reading the posts on the subject I've come to
two conclusions:  (1) use Paradox, or (2) live with dog-slow performance.  As I
don't own Paradox, I'll opt for the latter.  So, I slap a TQuery on the form and
link it to a TDBGrid through a TDataSource, just like the book says.  Wonderful.
I set the DatabaseName property in the TQuery to ACCESS, which is the Access
ODBC alias that I defined in the BDE configuration.  I start wondering exactly
where I enter the actual database name; I look, but to no avail.  Out of
desperation, I run the program...

Voila!  The program asked me for the database name.  Great, I thought.  And then
I wondered what about designing it so it didn't HAVE to ask for a name.  This
is what has kept me confused for quite a while (> 2 days).  The TDatabase
component doesn't apepar to help at all, especially since I can't figure out
how to link it to the data source or the query.  Any help you might be able to
impart would save me a lot of sleep and quite possibly the last bit of hair I
have left.

Also, any recommendation for books on ODBC?  Or are they more or less useless?

Thanks folks,
Edwin Alexander


University of Southwestern Louisiana

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