Q- Temp files / VB / Access

Q- Temp files / VB / Access

Post by tscha.. » Mon, 13 Nov 1995 04:00:00

The way to do get rid of the junk is to compact the mdb after you
clean it out ... use 'CompactDatabase
"<drive>:\SOURCE.MDB","<drive>:\DESTINATION.MDB",,Flags' ... just like
with FAT file systems, the data's not really gone until you compact
the database (analagous to defragging)

>I'm using VB 3.0 to update data in Access and after a day of data, I clean the data out using the
>following code:
>Sub DB_Clean (ByVal pvQDate$)
>     Set DB_icc = OpenDatabase("c:\pager\DB\Pager.mdb", False, False)
>     DB_icc.BeginTrans
>     DB_icc.Execute "Delete * From [Paging_Stats] where PS_Date <=#" & pvQDate$ & "#"
>     DB_icc.CommitTrans
>     DB_icc.Close
>     Set DB_icc = Nothing
>End Sub

>But the Jet engine still holds the deleted information in a temp file. Each day the temp file
>grows..The only way I've been able to clean the temp file is by shutting down the system and
>restarting.(Even I know this is a hack.)
>The trans lines were an attempt the release of the temp file..No luck..

>Thank You,


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When I run a customer app on Win95 machine, everything works fine. When
I take it to an NT 47 Server box. it works fine for a while, then I get
a weird error after a debug session: File/path access error :  file
VBE4C.tmp not found. When I try to save the file, I get prompted to save
the form I was working in, which, of course was already saved. So I save
it, get out of VB, get back in, and try again. Same thing happens, only
this time it's a different temp file it can't find. NT seems to be
dropping Vb's temp files on the fly. How do I stop this so I can program
in VB on my NT box? I'm logged in as the Administrator, so it can't be a
rights issue.


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