Reportsmith and Empty lines in labels

Reportsmith and Empty lines in labels

Post by Peter Ry » Wed, 26 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Simple question :

I have a database table containing addresses each of which (as is the
way of things) can have between three and six lines, one of which is
Town and another of which is PostCode.
How can I get reportsmith to produce labels which don't have gaps
where the empty fields in the middle of the address are ?

I thought of doing a calculated field containing the whole address,
but I don't know how to represent an End-Of-Line character in the
calculation to make it work.

Is it possible for someone to help ?


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                   i use avery 5267 (4x20} return address labels. would like
to know how to select just  one label or
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 thank you

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