Update Memo-Column with SQL UPDATE Statement

Update Memo-Column with SQL UPDATE Statement

Post by Stefan Boeth » Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:00:00

How did I update a Memo field in a server table with SQL statements. I don't
want to use TTable for this.

INSERT INTO Test (Id,Memo) VALUES (:Id,:Memo)

This ever produce a error "BLOB not supported".

- Mfg Stefc-


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I am having trouble updating data to a memo field using an SQL
UPDATE query in VB 4.0 with jet2.5.

The following code is generating the error message 3075 (Syntax
error in query expression):

  SQL_Stat = "UPDATE Mailings SET [Mailing_Fields] = '" & Sats & "' WHERE [Mailing_Name] = '" & Text2.Text & "'"
  Dbase.Execute SQL_Stat

The field Mailing_Fields is defined as a memo field.

Any suggestions would be grateful

Axel Bendix

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