Part time Contract opportunity

Part time Contract opportunity

Post by meftec » Mon, 06 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am looking for a contractor to assist me in an upcoming project.

  We currently use ODBC from the Client to an NT Server Service and
  MS Access Database.

  We now want to move to a web based implementation and an Oracle

  I think the solution we want is IIS 3.0 and IDC, using the Oracle ODBC
  but this is open to change.

  If you have most of the following skills and are interested please
contact me.

  Visual C++/MFC ODBC, Oracle, IIS, IDC

  This would be roughly 20hrs/week (although it could be more) and would
  require any on site presence.

  I am located in the San Francisco Bay area and would prefer someone
also in the
  area, simply for design discussions. This is not however, a

  You would work as a 1099 contractor for my company. The rate is
dependant on
  your level of expertise and what I can afford.