VB/Crystal Report error: 'Physical Database not found'

VB/Crystal Report error: 'Physical Database not found'

Post by Mehek Kapoo » Sun, 04 May 2003 06:02:16

Hi all,
I have a VB 6.0 front end application that uses Crystal Report 8.5 and a
text file as my database.

I am trying to run this application on a non-developer machine (that
doesn't have MS Visual Studio, or Crystal Report).

I have setup the ODBC DSN for the text file (MS Text Driver) on the
client PC as well as used Visual Studio Installer to run my application
from the client PC.

I placed all the dependent DLL's, MSM's and OCX's on that machine, and
registered all of them.
The VB form opens up, but I get an error "PHYSICAL DATABASE NOT FOUND"
when the crystal report tries to show up.
Can someone please help, or let me know what I'm missing?

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Thank you

Armando A. Duer

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