Jet 3.0 query optimization

Jet 3.0 query optimization

Post by Ulf Erik Forsba » Tue, 14 May 1996 04:00:00


I am working with SQL quieries in the jet 3.0 through ODBC. Things
work out fine, but there is some optimization issues I would like to
know more about! If you have knowledge about some of the issues listed
below, and wants to share/discuss them with me, please email me.
- How do the jet really find the matching records. (Rushmore ?)
- How to index the database to optimize sql-queries ?
- How to optimize free-text search ( with the LIKE statement)

Ulf Erik Forsbakk

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1. Jet 3.0 vs Jet 3.5 table locking during queries

I have been told by  an associate that when Access 95 (and presumably JET
3.0) performs a query across more than one table it obtains table level
locks on all tables during the execution of the query, whereas Access 97
(and Jet 3.5) does not.  Can anybody confirm the truth or otherwise of this

Clyde Davies
DaVinci CTI Ltd.

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