To run access module in VBasic

To run access module in VBasic

Post by Mehmet ALKA » Sat, 01 Mar 2003 15:37:11


If it is possible to run in VBasic for Access module.

What can I do?

Mehmet ALKAN


To run access module in VBasic

Post by Paul Clemen » Sat, 01 Mar 2003 22:15:59


If it is possible to run in VBasic for Access module.

What can I do?

See the following MS KB article:

ACC97: How to Run Macros in Other Office Programs;EN-US;177760

Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)


1. Running MS Access Module from VB


I am trying to make a VB program to communicate via Automation with an
Access Module, but I am getting the errors I am indicatin to you.

The DoCmd. method called from VB(5) does not support the DoCmd.Run(Code)
method. How could you solve this kind of prob?

I have a

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you
'Access Module
Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Function Module1(sByAccess As String)

 On Error GoTo Module1_Err
 MsgBox " Here by Access now" & sByAccess

    Exit Function
    MsgBox Error$
    Resume Module1_Exit

End Function

'VB5 code
Private Sub RunModule_Click()
 Dim objAccessApp As Object
 Dim sDBName As String
 Dim sAcMdlName As String

 On Error GoTo AutmtnError

 sAcMdlName = "Module1"
 sDBName = "E:\PRJCTS\AccessApp\DBModule.mdb"
 Dim AcMdl As Access.Module

 Set objAccessApp = CreateObject("Access.Application")
 With objAccessApp
  .OpenCurrentDatabase FilePath:=sDBName
MsgBox " Data base should be opened" & sDBName
  .DoCmd.OpenModule sAcMdlName
  Set AcMdl = .Modules(sAcMdlName)
MsgBox " Module " & AcMdl.Name & " should be open"

''''''' This is what it does not work '''''''''

'  AcMdl.Application.Run sAcMdlName, " Hi from VB"
'  AcMdl.Application.Run sAcMdlName   '<- tried this one also with Mudule
without args

' ... MS Access Number: 2517


MsgBox " Module about to be closed"

  .DoCmd.Close acModule, AcMdl.Name, acSaveNo

MsgBox " Data base about to be closed"

 End With

 Set objAccessApp = Nothing

 Unload Me
 Exit Sub
 MsgBox Err.Description & " from " & Err.Source & " Number: " &

End Sub

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