Problem using VB 4.0, RDO 1.0b, Visigenic 32bit ODBC and ORacle 7.2

Problem using VB 4.0, RDO 1.0b, Visigenic 32bit ODBC and ORacle 7.2

Post by Per Eirik Marto » Sat, 12 Apr 1997 04:00:00

We are building an application in VB 4.0 and Oracle 7.2. We are using
Visigenic 32bit ODBC (thru RDO 1.0b) to retrieve data from Oracle.
After a given number of retrieves we get this error:

NA000:[Visigenic][ODBC Oracle Driver][Oracle]Error while trying to retrieve
text for error ORA-00000

Do anyone have a solution for this ?

Odd Martin Solem
Avenir AS


1. VB4 Visigenic 32Bit ODBC driver connecting to Oracle 7

Here is my configuration:

Windows 95, Visual Basic 4.0 Professional Edition, SQL*NET 1.1, ORACLE7

I would like to connect to an Oracle 7 database using VB4 and the
Visigenic 32bit ODBC driver.

Question 1:  Is it possible?
Microsoft TechSupport says that Oracle has not released the required

Question 2:  What IS required?
Is a certain rev of SQL*NET required?
Is a certain rev of Support files required?

Visigenic faxed me a 4 page document on how to get it working.
It required using REGEDIT to make changes!!!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jim Wable.

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