Anyone Interested in Importer and Admin Utillity

Anyone Interested in Importer and Admin Utillity

Post by Lurk » Fri, 10 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have just written a text - to - msaccess file importer and a
database setup utillity in Visual Basic. If anyone is interested in
taking a look at the beta, please send E-Mail to

If the reponse is good, I'll post it to this site.

( source code is available, extra. We can talk about it)



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There seems to be a lack of attention in the news groups to data
administration as opposed to database administration.  Topics such as

        Logical Data Modeling
        Strategies for modeling distributed data
        and others

Does anyone else out there feel that there needs to be a greater focus on
these subjects?

It maybe that this is because news groups are generally visited most by
techies rather than business side people.  I represent the Data
Administration Management Association (DAMA) and am thinking about
starting a news group on how to manage the data resource.  Anyone

Diana M. Stobart
Vice President
DAMA - Greater Boston Chapter

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