Urgent Help Needed on Reporting

Urgent Help Needed on Reporting

Post by Jimm » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am using MS Access as my database and using the sql such as
TRANSFORM to create datasets which I display in a dbgrid.

Now I need to print the results as a report. Quick Report does not
seem to be able to handle such a query and anyway the overhead is too
high. I would like to hand code the report but have no experience in
this area.

Can someone post or send me an example of how to hand code a report or
point me to an online tutorial? Thanks in advance


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I am a beginner in writing VB. I wonder how to build a simple report
that can link directly with the database application (an access
database) I built with VB5. From the help in Crystal Report, I link a
data control in VB (I built using VB's Data Wizard) to the data source
of the crystal report & change the report source to
3-crptDataControl. Then I set the click method of a button within the
form as following:


The only problem is no data is shown up in the report window. Is there
anything else I should do? Thanks in advance & please reply to the
following address:

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