Urgent help needed for report writing

Urgent help needed for report writing

Post by Dennis Won » Tue, 03 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I am a beginner in writing VB. I wonder how to build a simple report
that can link directly with the database application (an access
database) I built with VB5. From the help in Crystal Report, I link a
data control in VB (I built using VB's Data Wizard) to the data source
of the crystal report & change the report source to
3-crptDataControl. Then I set the click method of a button within the
form as following:


The only problem is no data is shown up in the report window. Is there
anything else I should do? Thanks in advance & please reply to the
following address:



I am useing FPW2.6a having a problem with a report.

I am trying to put a sign off grid for initials on the right side of the
report and variable fields on the left side that can expand when filled
from a memo field.  If I run the grid across the grouping lines I get
some strange distortions of the grid lines.  If I open up the group
to accept the whole grid, the expanding field are erratic according to
the size of the memo field being placed in them. The grid must be only
on the first page.  If I try to use a memo field, it won't let me use
graphics, if I use a general field, I get illegal general functions...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks  Jim

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