DBGRID Question

DBGRID Question

Post by Simon A » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


Just a simple question which I would like to post:

I am currently developing using D1 on Win 95. I have a DBGrid in my form which is pointing to a Data source which is attached to a
TQuery. How do I detect that the database cursor position has been changed whenever the user moves the pointer in the DBGRID or
when the user clicks on the DBNavigator button?

Any suggestions?
Many thanks.



1. several DbGrid questions

I have create an application that has an explorer interface.
On the left I have a treeview control with all my tables names and on the
right I would like to have a grid that show the data from the table I choose
on the treeview control.
I have several questions:
1. How do I update the DbGrid on run-time with a new command from the
    This does not work:
    DbGrid.DataMember = CmdCar

2. I need to create a little search engine that search a certain rows on the
    My problem is that each table has different fields that I can search
with. Should I create  different forms for the search fields for each table
or there is another trick (Maybe with the Grid itself).

3. Is there a way that the DbGrid will automatically resize it columns size
according to the data in it?

Thanks for your time

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