Q: SQLForeignKeys gives "Type mismatch"

Q: SQLForeignKeys gives "Type mismatch"

Post by Thoralf Nordt?mm » Sat, 26 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi everyone,
I hope some of you may help me with a problem calling the SQLForeignKeys
ODBC-function from VB 4.0 Enterp. Ed. 16-bit

I get Run-Time error 13: "Type mismatch"

It seems that it's the "tabnam" parameter that causes this, as using
NULL_POINTER instead don't give this error.
Yes, I know: This param. is supposed to be "ByVal PTName&" acc. to the
API, but how the heck do I get a LONG POINTER from a String???

Any suggestions?

<Start Snip>

'  ----
Sub GetForKey(tabnam As String)
   Dim cursor As Long
   RetCode =3D SQLAllocStmt(hdbc, cursor)
   If (RetCode =3D SQL_SUCCESS Or RetCode =3D SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO) Then=

      RetCode =3D SQLForeignKeys(cursor, _
                             NULL_POINTER, 0, _
                             NULL_POINTER, 0, _
                             tabnam,       Len(tabnam), _ ' Decl. as
"ByVal PTName&, ByVal PTName%"
                             NULL_POINTER, 0, _
                             NULL_POINTER, 0, _
                             NULL_POINTER, 0)
<End Snip>
-- =

  Thanks for any help, =

  Sysdeco Media AS


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