VB5 and Sybase System 11

VB5 and Sybase System 11

Post by Andrew La » Wed, 18 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I am working on a project using VB5 and Sybase System 11. The Sybase is
installed on a NT 4.0, and access through a Sybase System 10 ODBC

The problem is that the database connection through ODBC is not stable.
Sometimes I can't get connected, sometimes I got disconnected after
several operations. I got page fault error from Visual Basic.

I got reply from Sybase that Sybase on NT 4.0 is not officially
supported. Are there any person have the same experience?


1. VB5 and Sybase System 11 (ODBC)

I could use some expert advice.  I am a beginner with VB.

I have a Sybase database on a Unix machine, and I want to make
modifications to the database using Visual Basic.  Most of my tables
have about 50,000 records.

I have VB5, Enterprise edition.  It seems like I have 2 options:
1.  DAO/Data Control (Jet)
2.  RDO/RDC (bypass Jet)

Am I on the right track or way off base with this game plan?  Please
post to the newsgroup.  Thanks a lot.

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