Installing VB5 and IE Issues -- Help! (Solved)

Installing VB5 and IE Issues -- Help! (Solved)

Post by Klaus H. Probs » Tue, 29 Jul 1997 04:00:00

This is a self-reply post to a message I recently left on the NGs... I'd
like to outline the steps necessary to install VB5EE succesfully under the
conditions I encountered, in case anyone runs into the same problem:

VB432, Win95 retail build, VB5CEE, IE 3.02

Original message:


| Newsgroups: microsoft.public.vb.installation
| Subject: Installing VB5 and IE Issues -- Help!
| Date: Tuesday, July 22, 1997 12:58 AM
| Anyone:
| I recently upgraded to VB5 from VB4 enterprise, and I cannot run the
| on the VB5 CD. Whenever I do, i get a message box saying "This setup
| program is not intended to run with your version of Windows". I have VB4
| installed, but i have another machine that installed VB5 with no problem
| over VB4, and actually VB4 still works fine. The only difference --i
| think-- is that I recently installed Internet Explorer 3.02 (full
| install)on the offending PC. The other one has Netscape Navigator 3.0.
| Then, i tried to see if the setup from the VB4 CD worked, and surprise!
| didn't work either! Same message. By the way, I also installed the VB5
| but on both machines, so surely this is not the problem.
| If anyone has any information regarding this, I'd greatly appreciate any
| help. If possible, reply by mail, but i'll be watching the NG anyway.
| Thank you!
| Klaus H. Probst


To work around this problem, follow these steps:

- Copy all the files in VB\Setup to a folder in your HDD called
"~MSSTFQF.T" (without the quotes)
- Create a subfolder called "c" inside this folder, and copy the SETUP.INI
and SETUP.TDF files into it.
- Make a copy of SETUP.TDF on the same folder, but name it VB5SETUP.TDF
- Open VB5SETUP.TDF (in WordPad, as it is large), and change the value of
the 10th line that reads "Source Directory" to "X:\", where X is the letter
of your CD-ROM.
- Open VB5SETUP.INF (again, use WordPad), and change the last quoted value
on the 10th line from "..\.." to "X:\.."
- Select Start|Run and enter this: "C:\~MSSTFQF.T\ACMSETUP.EXE /Z
vb5_bb.dll /T vb5stp.stf /S X:\" (no quotes)

Voila! The setup will run. Enter your CD-KEY, select the install option,
and away you go.
Note that the setup may ask you for a different folder that "c" on the
setup directory -- i got a request for a folder called "asic". If so,
cancel the setup and change the name of the folder, then run it again.
Also, some of this stuff may not be necessary... I'm specially dubious
about editing the VB5SETUP.INF file, since the \Setup folder created after
install on my disk had an original copy of the file... without the
modification! But, since this worked out for me, I'd suggest you try the
whole act in case this step _is_ important.

Anyway, just wanted to share this. Hope it benefits someone.




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