ms sql 7

ms sql 7

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What are the limitations of the evaluation version, what can't I do ?

1. Connecting to Sql Server from asp after upgrade from ms sql 7 to ms sql 2000

I am using a distant webhoster to run a classic asp program (not .net) which
used to connect to an sql server database again which they hosted.

A dsnless connection string similair to the following worked fine:

strCon = "Provider=sqloledb;" & _ "Data Source=;" & _ "Network
Library=dbnmpntw;" & _ "Initial Catalog=databaseexample;" & _ "User
ID=webmasterofsite;" & _ "Password=4444;"

The strings details have been changed for security purposes but are similair
in type to the real string.

Now on the webhoster upgrading to sql server 2000 this connection string
stopped working.

However I can still connect using the same ip address and login details
through sql 2000 enterprise manager and through the access adp front end.

The error message I now get through asp is:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005'

[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access

Here is the full code for the connection routine:

strCon = "Provider=sqloledb;"
& _ "Data Source=;"
& _ "Network Library=dbnmpntw;"
& _ "Initial Catalog=databaseexample;"
& _ "User ID=webmasterofsite;"
& _ "Password=4444;"
set Con = server.CreateObject("adodb.Connection") strCon

 set rs = con.execute("update counter set HitCount = ((HitCount) + 1) where
ID = 1")

 set rs = nothing
 set con = nothing
if Request.Cookies("publicregistered")="True" then
end if



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