sqlj connection error

sqlj connection error

Post by eli » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 04:23:49

hi,i am beginner at sqlj.when i wanna start demo example
TestInstallJDBC i take this messages.(but i can execute jdbc servlet

Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException:unable to load
connect properties file : connect.properties
        at sqlj.runtime.error.Errors.raiseError(Errors.java:118)
        at sqlj.runtime.error.Errors.raiseError(Errors.java:72)
        at oracle.sqlj.runtime.error.OraCustomizationErrors.raise_CANNOT_LOAD_CONNECT_PROPS(OraCustomizationErrors.java:81)
        at oracle.sqlj.runtime.Oracle.getConnection(Oracle.java:794)
        at oracle.sqlj.runtime.Oracle.getConnection(Oracle.java:842)
        at oracle.sqlj.runtime.Oracle.connect(Oracle.java:378)
        at TestInstallJDBC.main(TestInstallJDBC.java:19)

What can  do?i am waiting all related replies.



1. SQLJ error: found null connection context

Could anyone help me solve this problem?

I have DB2 6.1 on winnt server.

I wrote a small sqlj program, translated it using
SQLJ, and compiled it. But when i ran it, i got
the error message:
"java.sql.SQLException: found null connection

Thanks in advance.


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