Nested ClientDataSets

Nested ClientDataSets

Post by John Speigh » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm trying to create a nested table inside a client dataset by using the
Fields Editor as outlined in the help file. When I create a persistent
field of type Dataset and then try to create the master dataset, I get an
'invalid field type' error. Without this field, it works without a problem.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



1. MS SQL Server 7, ClientDatasets and miliseconds in Dates

I just converted my application from Interbase to SQL Server 7 and ran into
the following problem:
I am retrieving and updating records using a query and client-datasets. The
key of the record has a datetime field. I can retrieve the records fine but
the client dataset does not find the original record anymore when I try to
apply the updates. SQL Server uses milliseconds to store datetimes and
Interbase doesn't. I looked at the SQL-Data being exchanged and saw that the
milliseconds used to update the record are off by a few milliseconds
compared to the value stored in the database. I asked Borland and they said
that their internal datetime does not have enough room to store the
milliseconds properly...
Does anyone know how to get around this? It is very annoying.... Thanks,

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