Post by Jens Wagne » Sat, 25 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I have a VB6 Apllication with to databases. All the two databases
contain one table with an OLE-object. Now, I want to copy the OLE-object
from one database in the other database using the following code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    If Data1.rsBild.State = adStateClosed Then Data1.rsBild.Open
    If Data1.rsPic.State = adStateClosed Then Data1.rsPic.Open
    Data1.rsBild!Bild = Data1.rsPic!Bild
End Sub
(I use a DataEnvironment with two Connection-objects, so both tables re
members of the same DataEnvironment object).

I think that must work, but when I start it, in the last line there
occurs the error: "Several errors occured"
What's wrong with this??


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Hello everybody...

I need help with a ole problem. Who can help me?!!?!?

This is my problem:
I want to export data to a word document and place that word document in an
oracle database so I can reuse and re-edit the document. To do this I need
to open a .DOT (sjabloon)- file. Fill in the data and save the document.

1) with an ole object to word.basic I can open and edit the document but
the save to my oracle database is something I can not realise (at least I
do not know how...)
2) in an ole-container I can save the document but I can not open an
document and insert the data.

So now I use both option. The first to open the document and insert the
data. Then I select all and copy and paste it into the ole-container. This
works ok, except that in the ole-container I lost my page-settings like
marges etc.

Who can help me?

Martijn van de Wetering

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