Index out of date / peer to peer net

Index out of date / peer to peer net

Post by Kees Lagendij » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

We've written a small app that repairs all indexes
in a database with a single click

download at (296K)

Bonus: Alias.exe for configuring your peer-to-peer network

download at (258K)



1. in peer-2-peer BDE App

Hi All,

My application (Delphi 4 + Paradox 7) is running on 2 computers sharing the
same database. First computer has database in C:\App\DB directory. This
directory (C:\App\DB) is shared and connected as H:\ drive on another
computer. fils is located in C:\App\DB\NetFile on first computer. So it's
path on second computer is H:\NetFile.
When running my app on second computer (at the same time it started on
first) I got error message:
Directory is controlled by other .net file
Directory: C:\APP\DB\NetFile

I see that the problem is that I have different path for of
both computers.

But is there a way to have both application use the same database?

Thank you all in advance,

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