Data Form Wizard

Data Form Wizard

Post by DonGHo » Tue, 11 Dec 2001 20:31:57

I'm just starting to play with VB6 and Access 2000. I'm following Conell
"Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming".

The Data Form Wizard works with the Biblio.mdb database as supplied with VB6
(Professional) but not when Biblio has been converted to A2000 format. Also the
wizard will not work with one of my own A2000 databases. Is there an update
that I need or some other problem?




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I just upgraded from vb5 to vb 6 and when I choose the application wizard, I
get fatal error contact vendor and crashes.  Nothing opens.  The same thing
happens in add-ins Data form.  I did a typical installation, am I missing
something?  Also my computer display starts changing to different font's
,colors and I can no longer read my  other programs I have open,  when I
choose the data form from add-ins causing me to have to reboot.

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