VB6 DataEnvironment

VB6 DataEnvironment

Post by Daniel Meie » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 04:02:17

ich want to use VB DataEnvironment, but i don't can add the component under
the tab designer, it is not shown in the list. I have installed vb6 SB5 what
can i do??



1. VB6 DataEnvironment and Oracle *URGENT*

I'm trying to connect to an Oracle8 db using VB6 and the Merant
DataDirect drivers for Oracle. I'm having problems getting stored
procedures created in Oracle to come up correctly in the data
environment. If I create a new command, VB6's DE will not see the
Oracle stored procedures. If I use the drag-n-drop features and drag
the sproc from the data view into the data environment, the sproc shows
up fine. I can display properties but the parameter list does not show
up. When I try to change the stored procedure directly, VB6 hangs. If I
try to create a new commmand, I can specify the data connection fine
but when I set the source of data settings (Database Object to Stored
Procedure) and click on the drop down Object Name list, VB6 hangs. Can
anyone shed some light on this? Please post to this newsgroup and if


Jym McMurdo
VB Tools Developer

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