Setting a recordset object to a data control's recordsource property

Setting a recordset object to a data control's recordsource property

Post by Oto6 » Fri, 16 Aug 1996 04:00:00

How can I set a recordset object to a data control's recordset (the
..recordsource property of that data control)?


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I am getting error 3265 'Item not found in this collection' when
assigning a recordset to a data control.  First I set the systemDB file,
username, password, & open the secured Db.

        DBEngine.SystemDB = "s:\shared\common\system.mdb"
        DBEngine.DefaultUser = "User"
        DBEngine.DefaultPassword = "Password
        Set MyDB = OpenDataBase("s:\shared\common\data.mdb")

Next a recordset is created from a query on this database:

        set qryCategory(20) = MyDb.CreateQueryDef("Selected",dbquery)
        set setCategory(20) = MyDb.OpenRecordset("Selected")

When I try to set the recordset of my data control to this recordset, the
error 3265 appears.

        Set datControl.Recordset = setCategory(20)

The data control's recordset is being set to the recordset
'setCategory(20)' during the form load event of the form containing the
data control object 'datControl'.
Anyone know why I am getting the 'Item not found in this collection' error?

Using: Visual Basic 4.0 professional edition, Access 7.0 secured
database, Win95, pentium 200


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