True DBGrid & RDO

True DBGrid & RDO

Post by Brian Robso » Sun, 28 Jul 1996 04:00:00

The problem you speak of is a known bug.

True Grid and the RDC don't work trying to insert the first row into an empty

Solution: Add a dummy row to all tables.


1. True DBGrid & RDO

I am using True DBGrid v4 with VB4 Enterprise.  I am using RDO
with Microsoft SQL Server v6.5 as the backend.

I have a True DBGrid on my form, and it is bound to a Remote
Data Control.  The remote data control has the Connect
property set, and the SQL property set.  

My problem is this:

If the table that the SQL property of the data control points to
already has data in it, there is no problem.  If there is no
data in it, and the user tries to add a new record to the grid (
which is the first record being there is no data in the
table yet), I receive an error, "invalid resultset state
for update.".  I have tried everything, but I cannot get around
this problem.  If I use a normal data control, with a local
access database, I have no problems.  The problem here
seems to be with the Remote Data Control.  I have tried
setting the Data controls EOF property to Addnew, EOF, Movelast,
but no difference.  I really have run out of options.  

Somebody, if you know anything about this problem, any help
would be appreciated.  The deadline for my project is approaching
quickly, and if I cannot get this fixed, I need to start on
a new way to do my program.



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