Package and deployment wizard

Package and deployment wizard

Post by Martin Verslui » Sun, 03 Jun 2001 18:35:42

Hi  need some help with the p&d wizzard.
when using Packaging following error occurs :
missing files : AutPrx32.dll  AutMGR32.exe RACMgr32.exe
Where can  I find these files ?
Userof  VB SP6
Thank You  for helping me !

Package and deployment wizard

Post by Frank Whi » Mon, 04 Jun 2001 12:40:14

I use P&DW regularly and I don't have those files. They may be files
required by custom controls used by your program.


Frank White

On Sat, 02 Jun 2001 09:35:42 GMT, "Martin Versluis"

>Hi  need some help with the p&d wizzard.
>when using Packaging following error occurs :
>missing files : AutPrx32.dll  AutMGR32.exe RACMgr32.exe
>Where can  I find these files ?
>Userof  VB SP6
>Thank You  for helping me !


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I recently used the pdw to distribute my VB project, tried it and it
worked fine. Then, I made some code revision including the database path.
I then created a new pdw setup program. The problem is when I try to run
the program, I get an error message saying that the database path is
invalid, and it shows the old database path that i used. Even when I tried
to run the program in IDE, I still get the same error message. But, when I
changed the dbpath to the one that I used before, the program runs
smoothly. Any idea what's going on?
Old dbpath: D:\myDb\myDb.mdb
New dbpath: C:\myDb\myDb.mdb
- program says new dbpath is invalid and looks for the old dbpath.....

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