NEED HELP: Message Board on Website

NEED HELP: Message Board on Website

Post by Toni A. Parr » Wed, 14 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm writing a new website and I'd like to include a message board.  I've
seen some excellent ones (the one at comes
to mind).

This is totally new to me and I'd like some feedback as to the least
complicated way to do this.  Is this done using Java?  If so, does
anyone know where I can find a public domain source code for this?  (My
Java is flaky at best.) :)

Is there some other way to include a message board that doesn't involve
major coding?

I would appreciate any advice, comments and feedback.  Thank you.

Toni Parra


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I'm currently working on building a SQLXML based message board which I plan
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board and release the source code I would like to eliminate as many bugs as
possible. So if you have a minute I would appreciate any testing that is
done on the board. I have only tested it in IE 6 so there is a good chance
that many of the features won't work in other browsers. In fact, Netscape
probably won't work at all at this point. So for now just test in IE.



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