Recordset problem.

Recordset problem.

Post by Garth Blor » Tue, 26 May 1998 04:00:00


I'm using a data control to retrieve data from a access database, on trying
to use the recordset property I get the following error:

Function or interface marked as restricted, or the function uses an
automation type not supported in visual basic.

please help.


1. Recordset Problem

I am creating two recordsets. They are created with the same routine and are
identical structure but have diffrent data. Both have been queried out of
the same database. One is a temporary holder for some data which will be
matched up with the second recordset using the "add" method then "update".
Most of the "identical" fields are matching up but on several of the fields
I am getting an error message:

"Multiple step operation generated errors. Check each status value."

I have tried adding diffrent types of values manualy just for kiicks but get
the same error. Most of the fields work just fine. On the following code
field 1 works, but I get the error on the second one. If I rem that one out
the 5th one errros out. Cant see a reason.

With rsSuperRecs
        .Fields(0) = rsTempSuperRecs(0)
        .Fields(1) = rsTempSuperRecs(1)
        .Fields(2) = rsTempSuperRecs(2)
        .Fields(3) = rsTempSuperRecs(3)
        .Fields(4) = rsTempSuperRecs(4)
        .Fields(5) = rsTempSuperRecs(5)
        .Fields(6) = rsTempSuperRecs(6)
        .Fields(7) = rsTempSuperRecs(7)
        .Fields(8) = rsTempSuperRecs(8)
        .Fields(9) = rsTempSuperRecs(9)
        .Fields(10) = rsTempSuperRecs(10)
        .Fields(11) = rsTempSuperRecs(11)
        .Fields(12) = rsTempSuperRecs(12)
        .Fields(13) = rsTempSuperRecs(13)
        .Fields(14) = rsTempSuperRecs(14)
        .Fields(15) = rsTempSuperRecs(15)
        .Fields(16) = rsTempSuperRecs(16)
        .Fields(17) = rsTempSuperRecs(17)
        .Fields(18) = rsTempSuperRecs(18)
        .Fields(19) = rsTempSuperRecs(19)
        .Fields(20) = rsTempSuperRecs(20)

      End With

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